Albert Einstein:
Astronomer of the Mind

By Clark M. Thomas (2007)

Einstein, Hubble, and Adams at Mt. Wilson Observatory, 1931

Albert Einstein was an ordinary person who spent an extraordinarily long time freshly thinking about very basic problems. For this reason he is in the pantheon of science, and also remains a mysterious semi-deity among the populace. I see him mostly as an astronomer of the mind.

Einsteinís ideas of relativity are profound, but not totally original. Devotees of Einstein rarely look closely at the implications. I am sufficiently naïve to see all of his ideas from a fully relativistic perspective, which is something Einstein himself did not always do. My own decades of thinking have led me to a deeper appreciation of what he actually did accomplish. You can see my results in this web page:

Below in no particular order are twenty of his "astronomy of the mind" quotes. These are all from: